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Floppy emulator via USB. Mechanically and electrically compatible with all floppy units used in 10/Series. 

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10S-UFD is a USB device suitable to replace the Floppy Disk Drive used with the 10 Series CNC as the only or main data imputing and storage device. With 10S-UFD it is possible to eliminate completely and without problems the 1.44MB floppy disks, which will finally disappear due to their small storage space, short lifetime, fragility and replaced by modern USB pen drive increasingly widespread. 

Mechanically fully compatible with 3,5'' floppy drive,  it is the ideal solution for all 10 Series CNC equipped with floppy drives needing to be upgraded. No additional changes to the system are required:  just remove the drive from its existing location, replace it with the emulator and connect it to existing power and the original flat cable.  ''Plug and Play'' for fast installation,  it does not requires drivers or configuration updates. 
Easy to use, the 10S-UFD provides 4 keys for the load/download operations and it has a display for the visualization of the operating functions.  The drive has an internal non-volatile F-RAM which can contain up to the equivalent of a 1.44MB floppy disks. To store and transfer data the drive supports common USB 2.0 keys up to 32 GB and it is able to handle up to 100 floppy disks as folders. Each folder correspond to a floppy and it is numbered from 00 to 99.  Whenever the CNC refers to drive A: performing a save or restore of Part Program and/or of system backup data, in fact it accesses directly the selected folder on the emulator.

10S-UFD is available as spare part (including a 4GB stick) ideal to replace floppy drive using original cables and housing.